Is This Legends Cheat Used by Vietnamese Players?

Among the multiplayer online game battle arena lovers (MOBA), Mobile Legends game is one of the favorite games that have a large enough number of gamers. Currently, the game is hot discussed because of the gamers who reportedly use the cheat.

Some time ago held a Vietnam team fight against the Indonesian team in the Arena Contest mode. The Vietnam team won 3-0 and some gamers seem suspicious of the victory.

Videos uploaded by YouTube account Fio Nur Ramadhan uncover cheats or cheats to win the game. It is said, to be able to run the cheat, gamers must wear Game Guardian applications.

With the application, gamers can change the hero attribute, which increases damage to movement. Thus, the Eudora hero shown in the video is able to destroy the tower quickly.

However, at the end of the video the system notification notification appears with the words “Error unknown, please try again”. Then continued with a note that says “Connection is disconnected to the server, reconnect now. The result of the fight has been saved”.

The appearance of this notification allegedly indicates that the developers have improved the system so that no more gamers who cheat by using the application for the cheat.

Just for your information, Mobile Legends game: Bang bang featuring hero favorite and gamers can build the perfect team to defeat the opposing team. The game also brings up a virtual joystick style control on the left of the screen and the skill button on the right.

The game is quite interesting where gamers work together, launching strategies to destroy the opponent’s tower.

According to, Mobile Legends: Bang bang is installed up to 50 million users and requires a minimal Android OS version 4.0.3 or above.